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55 Gallon Water Barrel Spigot Drum Faucet

Drum faucets can be installed on the fine thread 2" bung hole of a 55 gallon water barrel to add a spigot for easily dispensing water. Also works on many 30 gallon water barrels. Made of polyethlyene.
Price: $15.99
55 Gallon Water Barrel Spigot Drum Faucet
55 Gallon Water Barrel Spigot Drum Faucet
Product Details
This drum faucet allows you to install a spigot directly to the 2" fine thread bung hole of a 55 gallon water barrel and many 30 gallon water barrels. †Constructed of durable food grade polyethylene, this faucet will dispense the full contents of a 55 gallon water barrel in about three minutes. †The faucet is similar to water filter vino spigots. †Twist the lever to the back of the faucet to turn off the flow of water. †Twist the lever to the front of the faucet to increase the flow of water.

This faucet has a down spout that measures 2.25". †The down spout allows for attachment of a hose using a hose clamp if desired.

Will the Drum Faucet fit my Water Barrel?

The Drum Faucet comes with two white gaskets to insure that it is installed correctly and will not leak. †
  1. Round-head bung adapters use the thinnest gasket that comes with the faucet.
  2. Hex-head bung adapters have 2 gaskets to choose from, the two included thicker gaskets. †Set the gasket on top of the drum flange, whichever one covers the flange without overhanging the flange too much is the correct one. †Another way is to measure you flange. †If the lip is 1/8" - 1/4", use the medium gasket. †If the flange has a lip of 1/2", then use the thickest gasket.
Based on the included gaskets, most water barrels should receive the faucet and have a good tight seal.

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"Spigot for 55 Gallon Barrel"

Richard Sartor on 2/3/2014 8:36:57 PM

Product Review: Perfect! - Rocklin, CA 95765, US
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