3 Day Food Supply Kit

A 3 day food supply kit will provide a person with enough calories and nutrition to live for three days.  There are many types of 72 hour kits, including but not limited to MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), calorie food bars, freeze-dry food pouch, and custom systems.  All 3 day food supply kits on the market today assume that you have enough water to last you for 72 hours, and usually do not provide for hydration.

3 Day MRE food Supply Kit

A 3 day MRE food supply kit is made up of traditional "meals ready to eat".  These meals are usually pre-cooked and sealed in mylar pouches.  They can be eaten cold or you can warm them in the pouch by placing them in boiling water for a period of time.  The benefits of 3 day MRE food supply kits are that the food is pre-cooked, have balanced nutrition and calories, provide some hydration, and are easily organized with complete meals, drinks, desserts, and utensils included.  One of the biggest disadvantages of MRE style 3-day food supply kits is their weight.  Because these meals come hydrated, you must pack this weight around when you transport these meals.  MRE weight can become restrictive when developing a go bag or other bug out bag where too much weight can slow you down or make it difficult to go great distances.

3 Day Calorie Food Bar Supply Kit

3 Day ration bar kits or Calorie Bars are commonly found in 72 hour kits made by Mayday Industries, MainStay, and Datex.  These food bars are sold based on calories, usually offered in a 400 calorie bar, 1200 calorie bar, 2400 calorie bar, and 3600 calorie bar.  These bars are ideal for long term storage as they have a 5 year shelf life and can be placed in survival backpack, an office storage room, a school supply room, or other location where they can be easily accessed after an emergency.

Calorie food bars are packaged based on the idea that the average male needs 1200 calories a day to survive and 2400 calories to maintain the nutrition necessary to perform strenuous labor following a disaster event.  These food bars are usually divided into 400 calorie blocks that can be distributed for each meal in the day.  The big advantage to 3 day calorie food bar supply kits is that they condense a lot of calories into a very small space.  The disadvantages include their weight and the quality of materials they are made from.  Most calorie food bar kits are made with a lot of  refined flour, shortening, hydrogenated oils, and artificial colors and flavorings.  There is some concern as to the overall health a person will experience using these calorie food bars for an extended length of time.

3 Day Food Supply Kit Emergency Food Pouches

Instant meals that have been cooked, dehydrated or freeze-dry, and have been sealed in metalized aluminum pouches or Mylar bags are a very popular food supply used by backpackers and survivalists.  These  emergency food pouches, manufactured by companies like Mountain House, AlpineAire, and others, are popular because the quality of the food is high, they provide variety and good taste, and they are very light due to the fact that the moisture has been reduced in most cases below 5 percent.  A 3 day food supply kit made with emergency food pouches is extremely light and compact.  For example, AlpineAire manufactures a 3 day food kit that weighs 3.6 pounds which can easily fit into a bug out bag with plenty of room for all the other survival equipment you will need to carry.  Over the years, the companies that make these food pouches have hired chefs and have improved the nutrition, quality, and flavor of their meals that are ready to eat by warming some water and pouring them into the pouch.

One disadvantage to the 3 day food supply in food pouches is hydration.  These meals do not have any moisture in them, and it is necessary to find clean safe water that can be heated and poured into the pouches to hydrate the food. It is not pleasant trying to eat dehydrated and freeze dry food that has not been hydrated, especially for an extended period of time.  Another disadvantage to this type of food kit system is many of the companies have added excessive amounts of sodium to their food.  This is becoming less of a factor as many are coming out with low sodium options, but buyer beware and check the labels carefully.  Too much salt can cause problems of its own.