Food Shortages Are Coming Just Like Ammo Shortages

Food shortages are coming or at least one would believe this to be the case given the current state of ammo in this country.  It seems like only yesterday a 500 round can of .22 rounds was less than $25 dollars.  Now things have changed.  Will food shortages be next?

Food Shortages are Coming

Empty Ammo Shelves at Local Walmart

Over the last several weeks I have walked into major gun retail stores and have been shocked at the lack of available ammunition for common calibers. Each time the store employees tell me that I need to come in at a specific time right after the weekly shipment to see if it is available!

This got me thinking, what if the same thing happened in our grocery stores? What if I went in to buy bread, milk, or eggs and I was told that I needed to come back once the weekly shipment came in?  It is not far fetched to believe that food shortages are coming.

Food Shortages are Comin

Empty Shelves during a food shortage

Don’t think Food Shortages are Coming

Some would say that I am way out there!  That the idea that food shortages are coming is insane given the strength of the United States and the incredible farmers we have in this country.  But it happened recently with super storm Sandy on the east coast and could happen easily anywhere in the US as a result of crazy weather or any interruption in transportation.

Food and water storage are critical in times like these. It’s too risky to rely upon supplies in the stores once stuff hits the fan in a disaster or crisis. Its important to make a plan now and start working towards putting a little food aside, because logic says that food shortages are coming at some point in time  And its not just food.  Water may be in short supply as well.

Ability to Store Water is Important

Water is the first thing to prepare for. See our supply of water storage containers here. Also be prepared to filter water using our line of Berkey Water Filters once your stored up supplies run dry.  You will need water to hydrate stored foods and to keep hydrated.

The saying is that society is only 9 meals away from chaos- basically 72 hours without food and people become desperate. Be sure and stock long term food storage from Lindon Farms, Gourmet Reserves, AlpineAire, and Mountain House because the food shortages are coming, and nobody is going to be there to rescue you or your family.