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Free CERT Notebook With Every Kit

Free CERT Notebook

For a limited time, get a free CERT notebook with the purchase of any CERT Kit while supplies last. Choose from one of our three CERT kits in a backpack or duffel bag, and we will automatically send you a free CERT notebook.

Its Smart to Be Prepared - Trending Products

Here are some of our highest trending disaster preparedness products, including the ever popular Berkey Water Filter and EMP bags.

Big Berkey
Water Filter

Berkey Filter

Big Berkey is one of our all time best sellers. Perfect to purify water for a family or groups of 2 to 4 people, this gravity water filter filters water for under 7 cents a gallon.

55 Gallon Barrel
Rotary Pump

Barrel Rotary Pump

This best selling Rotary Pump allows you to pump water fast when you need it. Comes with extension tube for 15, 30, and 55 gallon drums and attaches using the fine thread bung opening.

EMP Bags
and Shielding

EMP Bags

Our popular Electro Magnetic Pulse bags are especially popular with customers using fuel-less generators similar to those being sold by Jim Baker and other people concerned about EMP.

Orange County
55 Gallon Water Barrels

55 Gallon Water Barrel

Storing water in 55 gallon water barrels is the most cost effective and adaptable method. Store 1 to 2 gallons of water per person in your group for a minimum of 30 days and build up to 90 days where possible.

Emergency Radio

Voyager Dynamo Solar Radio

The Voyager Emergency radio can use wall power, solar power, or dynamo hand crank power to charge its batteries. It comes in yellow, camo, and black and is among the favorites of our preparedness minded customers.

ED Goodloe
Stabilized Oxygen

Ed Goodloe Stabilized Oxygen

Treat your water with stabilized oxygen and it can be stored for up to 5 years. One bottle of Ed Goodloe's will treat 100 gallons of water or two 55 gallon barrels of water. Kills bacteria but leaves the good stuff alone. - Rocklin, CA 95765, US
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