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She Will Go Hungry Without Your Help!

She May Go HungryYou know that preparing for disaster is only a click away, but how many times have your friends, neighbors, and family rolled their eyes when you encourage them to be prepared by storing a little water, food, and survival gear to thrive during uncertain times? You know that eventually some kind of disaster is going to strike close to home. Economic crash is always on peoples minds lately.  Yet there are few who wisely take the simple steps to get prepared. Sadly, when disaster does strike, your neighbors will look at you with envy, struggling to figure out simple stuff like how to filter water or where the next meal will come from to feed their daughter.  And many who think they have prepared will only have a 72 hour kit, which is going to wind up killing them.

Your 72 Hour Kit Can Kill You

Don't get me wrong. 72 hour kits are a must have, and with a few clicks you can have a great kit delivered right to your door with zero effort. But that kit will kill you.

72 hour kits are important, but they are a misleading distraction from what you know is more important... long term self reliance. The smart people we meet every day are planning now to take care of themselves long term because they know what it coming. The best kept secret is that it just isn't that hard and you will save money doing it. Here are three important survival principles that will keep smiles on the faces of those you care about.

He Needs To Have Clean Water

Water Preparedness

Three days of dehydration will lead to death.  Providing water storage and some kind of water filter will save people.  Andy they will have you to thank for it. 

A friend recently shared her experience in Seattle, where the municipal water system was not safe for 24 hours. She had a 55 gallon water barrel and a small water filter.  Those two things made her feel like she had made a difference for her family.

She Needs To Have Food to Eat

Little Girl Needs Food

You can keep a smile on their faces during a food shortage when others struggle to find the basics.  It takes a little planning, but it is really easy once you get the hang of it and you can actually save money! One thing is for sure.  You cannot trust the government or the local grocery store to have enough on hand to help in a natural disaster or financial crisis.  

They Need To Have Basic Supplies

Little Girls

It's a scary though.  In other countries, more people actually die from illnesses caused by poor sanitation than from the actual crisis.  Armed with this knowledge, you can do a few things to be ready. - Rocklin, CA 95765, US
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